This title awarded the Rzeszów Poviat the chapter of the competition organized by the Congregation for Industry and Commerce, the Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Modern Business Club and the Institute of European Business.

When assessing activities to support business and the creation of new jobs, the competition chapter paid particular attention to the dynamic development of the modern „Rzeszów – Dworzysko” Science and Technology Park – Park is an investment implemented by the Poviat of Rzeszów, which, as the only one in Poland, having its own large investment area (83.42 ha), decided to provide it with full equipment. One of the advantages of companies that want to create new jobs here is to ensure that their business activity is innovative. With reasonable pride, we can say that „Dworzysko” becomes the economic heart of the city and region – says Józef Jodłowski, Starosta Rzeszowski.

Investment areas of the Rzeszów Poviat enjoy great interest both among domestic and foreign investors, as evidenced by the purchase of 21 plots and the operation of 12 companies from Poland, Germany and France. So far companies have invested here, among others from industries; aviation, telecommunications, industrial automation, cosmetics and pharmacy, clothing.

Investors recognize the fact that in addition to full utilities and access to highly qualified staff, the advantage of „Dworzyska” is also extremely favorable communication location of this area.

Near the Park, there is the international Rzeszów – Jasionka airport, the A4 motorway and the S19 expressway. The whole area is adjacent to the main railway E30 Germany – Poland – Ukraine.

Secretary of the Rzeszów Poviat, coordinator of the „Rzeszów – Dworzysko” PNT project, emphasizes that entrepreneurs can count on help in a very wide range. – In addition to standard activities related to the offer of investment plots, we also help them – for example – to raise funds, including assistance from the European Union and help in issuing connection conditions to the technical infrastructure network located in the Park – he says.

Another advantage is the fact that companies can receive significant tax breaks here, because PNT has been included in the Special Economic Zone „Euro – Park” Mielec, which offers investors public aid in the form of income tax exemptions.


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