In December last year, at the Science and Technology Park „Rzeszów – Dworzysko”, VISSAVI company opened its headquarter.

The VISSAVI company is a dynamically developing company operating in the clothing industry. The company deals in the design, production and distribution of women’s clothing. During more than a decade of its activity, it managed to promote the brand, which is recognizable throughout the country, as well as abroad. The company has 15 own stores in major Polish cities.

The newly implemented investment will positively affect the functioning of several clothing factories located in Rzeszów and the surrounding area. The development of the company gives the opportunity to increase the employment of subcontractors. The recognition of the VISSAVI brand in Poland and abroad positively affects the image of Podkarpacie.

Certainly, 2019 will be a time of challenges for VISSAVI – including those concerning continuous development. One of the goals already accomplished is the new headquarters in our Science and Technology Park.

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