On 28/02/2019, the 1st Partner Breakfast was organized by the Rzeszów Poviat and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, which was an opportunity to meet entrepreneurs who located their investments in the Science and Technology Park „Rzeszów-Dworzysko” with representatives of the Rzeszów Poviat and BGK. The meeting was attended by the Regional Director of BGK Region Podkarpacki Beata Rapa, Starosta Rzeszowski Józef Jodłowski, Secretary of the District Waldemar Pijar, Director of the Department of Science and Technology Park and Promotion Krzysztof Jarosz.

The presence of entrepreneurs and BGK in the place where there is a dialogue between investors and the bank was an ideal opportunity to present issues regarding BGK support that companies can count on and discuss available banking solutions, existing business models and topics related to investments located in the area PNT. During the meeting a number of interesting discussions took place. We are convinced that in the future they will contribute to the goals of individual participants of the meeting.


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