(District Authorities) in Rzeszów organized a conference addressed to entrepreneurs from our region. During the meeting, an agreement was signed by the Podkarpackie Voivodeship with the Industry Development Agency . Thanks to this agreement, both institutions will work together for the development of the region, among others by creating attractive conditions for running a business.

Starosta Rzeszowski Józef Jodłowski organized a conference dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs from our region. Speakers emphasized an important role regarding the support instruments for companies operating in the region, especially the Rzeszowski District.
- Rzeszowski Distriict as the only local government in the country decided to establish the Science and Technology Park „Rzeszów-Dworzysko”. In this way, we came out against the needs of entrepreneurs.

During the conference, the possibilities related to the tax income tax relief for entrepreneurs from our region were pointed out. And so small entrepreneurs can count on a 70 percent discount, average 60 percent. and large enterprises at 50 percent. The tax relief period in our province is 15 years. Entrepreneurs operating in the industry, R & D, IT and modern business services can benefit from such discounts. The subject of open innovation and technology transfer as well as support for entrepreneurs under the Regional Operational Program of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship for 2014-2020 was discussed.

Micro, small and medium enterprises can also use loans from Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, the amount of support is from PLN 300 to 600 thousand.

The next point of the conference was to show business cooperation with the Podkarpackie Innovation Center . A lot of interest among the entrepreneurs gathered in the room aroused the topic of loans for current operations and financing of investments from the European Union funds. Details related to this form of support can be obtained at the Rzeszów Regional Development Agency. During the conference, the interested entrepreneurs had the opportunity to directly talk and get information from the representatives of the voivodship and poviat self-government or agencies servicing the business.

In the end, Krzysztof Jarosz, the director of Science and Technology Park Rzeszów Dworzysko and at the same time a representative of the host of this important conference for our entrepreneurs. He thanked all the speakers and stressed how important and crucial is the cooperation between the local government and business, which may result in jobs for the inhabitants of the Rzeszów.

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