TW Metals Polska, Efekt Plus and Heating – Instgaz – are three companies that will invest in our Science and Technology Park „Rzeszów – Dworzysko”.
TW Metals Polska is part of an international concern, an airline products supplier for many of the world’s leading carriers, including Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Federal Express, US Airways.
Efekt Plus is the national leader in the production of stretch film and one of the leading film producers in Europe. The company has been operating for 10 years.
Heating – Instgaz is a company operating in the heating and installation industry dealing with commercial and marketing activities. It is the largest wholesaler of heating and sanitary installations in Rzeszów, which has its branches in the Lubelskie and Małopolskie voivodships.

Currently, 12 companies have already invested in our Park „Rzeszów – Dworzysko”:

OKOFFICE RĄCZY (production of school and office supplies made of paper, polygraphy)
CDO – CENTRUM DREWNA I OKLEIN (furniture, trade in furniture products)
ZIAJA (cosmetics, pharmacy)
VISSAVI (clothing industry)
ENERGO – SYSTEM (construction of telecommunications and power lines)
MASTERPROFI (professional cleaning equipment)
CREUZET POLSKA (production of equipment for aircraft engines)
UNIMET (metallurgical industry)
WEISS. SOLUTION (industrial automation)
TW METALS POLSKA (semi-finished products for aeronautical production)
HEATING – INSTGAZ (heating and sanitary installations)
EFEKT PLUS (plastics processing)



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